1. The Academy of International Business (AIB). AIB is the leading association of scholars and specialists in the field of international business. Established in 1959, today, AIB has 2953 members in 73 different countries around the world.Members include scholars from the leading global academic institutions as well consultants, researchers, and NGO representatives. AIB welcomes research individuals and institutions from developing countries, newly industrialized countries, and industrialized countries. The Academy has thirteen chapters established around the world to facilitate networking and facilitation and exchange of knowledge.

The AIB also awards fellowships to distinguished people. Fellows consist of distinguished AIB members recognized for their contributions to the scholarly development of the field of international business. The AIB Fellows participate in the activities of the AIB by choosing the International Executive of the Year and the Dean of the Year. They also organize one or more panel sessions at the AIB annual meeting each year — often the first Plenary Panel.  I have been associated with AIB for last few years to enhance my knowledge and participate in development of the field. There are very few persons of Indian origin in this prestigious academy. (

2. The American Marketing Association (AMA). The AMA is one of the largest professional associations for marketers, has 38,000 members worldwide in every area of marketing. For over six decades the AMA has been the leading source for information, knowledge sharing and development in the marketing profession. The AMA board has highly prestigious scholars and corporate mangers as members. Members included are from reputed Universities as well as from Hershey, Lipman, Midas, Yahoo, Du Pont co. etc. One Noted member is Professor Rohit Deshpande from Harvard Business School. My interest in marketing is more from international marketing perspective and from understanding global consumer segments and behavior. (

3. Strategic Management Society. SMS is a unique organization that brings together the worlds of reflective practice and thoughtful scholarship. The Society consists of more than 2,000 members representing a kaleidoscope of backgrounds and perspectives from more than fifty different countries. Membership, composed of academics, business practitioners, and consultants, focuses on the development and dissemination of insights on the strategic management process, as well as on fostering contacts and interchange around the world. SMS publishes the reputed scholarly Journal (SMJ). Noted scholars such as Sumantra Ghoshal, C.K. Prahlad, Jay Barney, and Igor Ansoff are on the list of fellows. My association with the society is to contribute to the body of knowledge in the field of Strategy. (

4. The Financial Management Association, USA. FMA, established in 1970, has become the global leader in developing and disseminating knowledge about financial decision-making. FMA’s members include academicians and practitioners across the world. Over 3,000 academicians and practitioners throughout the world find membership in the FMA to be an indispensable educational experience as well as a practical professional resource. Noted financial experts such as Jonathan Karpoff from University of Washington & Ralph Walking from Drexel University are chief spokesperson for the association. FMA broadens the common interests between academics and practitioners, provides opportunities for professional interaction between and among academics, practitioners and students, promotes the development and understanding of basic and applied research and of sound financial practices, enhances the quality of education in finance. FMA hosts or co-sponsors three major finance conferences each year. FMA also has three flagship publications. FMA sponsors numerous awards and honorary recognitions. I have been involved with FMA to provide my competence to the group. (

5. American Economist Association, USA. AEA was started in 1885, has a membership of 18,000. In addition, approximately 4,300 libraries, institutions, and firms subscribe to the quarterly publications of the Association. Over 50% of the AEA membership is associated with academic institutions. About 15% are employed in business and industry, and the remainder largely by federal, state and local government or other not-for-profit organizations. The association publishes several reputed journals that include the prestigious “The American Economic Review”, which was the most widely consulted journal in 2006 among all 775 scholarly journals that are archived in JSTOR. The association also has several committees, presents awards, and organizes industry meetings. Renowned scholars are on the association and the list includes noted Nobel Laureates from Edmund Phelps to Amartya Sen. My contribution to this group stems from my interest in the Strategy and International Business field. (

6. International Association of Business and Society, USA. IABS is a learned society devoted to research and teaching about the relationships between business, government and society. Started in 1990, it has over 300 members worldwide from over one hundred universities in more than twenty countries as well as members from various corporations and not-for-profit organizations. IABS is a multidisciplinary association, which attracts scholars and executives from all the disciplines of management. Its research domain covers the various aspects of the interface between management and the social political dynamics of the surrounding society. It includes, among others, research on corporate social responsibility and performance, emerging social issues for business, business ethics, environmental affairs as well as business and government relations. IABS sponsors a journal, Business & Society, the only peer-reviewed scholarly journal devoted entirely to research, discussion, and analysis on the relationship between business and society. IABS also organizes annual conferences, which meet in countries around the globe. Papers presented at the conference are selected through a blind review process, and published in the conference proceeding. Noted scholars are member of this esteemed association. My interests in this august body are related to the field of Strategy and International Business, specifically addressed to the issues that the respective governments need to understand to integrate with the global economy. (

7. Network of Indian Professionals (NetIP). The Network of Indian Professionals of North America (NetIP) is a non-profit organization dedicated to the overall achievement and advancement of South Asian professionals. NetIP has become a leading international organization for professionals – one that has been recognized by political, civic, and community leaders around the country. It has become the unequivocal voice for an emerging group of professionals that are excelling in every aspect of society. Provide a variety of opportunities to lend time and support to community service organizations across North America and overseas. NetIP has expanded to include over 5,000 members in 22 major metropolitan areas across United States and Canada. Some of the members of NetIP are US citizens and my association with NetIP is to bridge the gap between US and India and promote Indo- US trade through informal networks. I have been associated with this association for last four years. (

8. The Indus Entrepreneur (TIE). TiE is a not-for-profit global network of entrepreneurs and professionals, founded in 1992 in Silicon Valley, California, USA by a group of businessmen and entrepreneurs. TiE, as the founders claim, stands for Talent, Ideas and Enterprise. TiE’s has fostered the birth of many companies by providing a place where entrepreneurs can find resources like mentoring, financial support and employees. TiE has charter members who are accomplished businessmen – executives, founders of companies and venture capitalists; sponsors – venture firms, legal firms and venture financial services.

TiE Silicon Valley is well known for hosting what is perhaps the largest gathering on entreprenurship at the Santa Clara Convention Center in Silicon Valley every year. Past speakers have included Jim Clark, Eric Schmidt, Carly Fiorina, Irwin Jacobs, Thomas Friedman and Vinod Khosla. The TiE Silicon Valley presidents have included Suhas Patil (founder Cirrus Logic), Kanwal Rekhi (founder Excelan), Kailash Joshi (senior exec IBM), Sridhar Iyenger (Partner, KPMG) and is currently led by Raj Jaswa (founder Selectica and Opti).

TiE endeavors to cultivate and nurture the ecosystems of entrepreneurship and free-market economies everywhere, as it sees this to be the single most powerful instrument of prosperity. My involvement with TiE is to promote Indo-US trade by helping US companies invest in India. Because of my interests in Strategy and International Business studies and practice field, TIE provides an opportunity to understand requirements of and contribute to venture capital firms, start-ups, and private equity firms in the technology space in Silicon Valley. (