Strategism products include:


PMStrategy® Tool which enables customers and clients organize their projects in a more structured manner. It is based on the PMBOK methodology of project management. The tool helps in taking all your work and putting at one place. It has collaboration capability and stores all the project documentation at one place which can be accessed by any one anywhere in the cloud depending on the security settings. PMStrategy® also allows chat and wiki oriented sharing functionality. By Using this tool you can perform the following-

Create a Project Charter. Prepare a Consolidated Project Plan.Document Stakeholder Register & identify their needs and engagement.Identify Triple Constraints. Resources, Communications Risk, and Procurement Plans.
Execute Projects with team members. Manage team, quality, communications, Stakeholders, Award contracts.
Review project performance, make and manage changes, testing- validation and verification.
Close contracts, close project phases etc.


This is an Agile tool from Strategism and it helps firms organize their projects with adaptive and iterative software development. It helps managing issues dynamically and it integrates with legacy systems. It allows including changes as early as possible without delaying them till the end of the development cycle. It encourages customer collaboration and engagement from the start of the project and till the end of the project. It allows team to dynamically interact with chats and log and track issues on the project in real time globally. You can build your Product Backlog, Sprint Backlog, plan your Sprints, Conduct Sprint Review, and Sprint Retrospectives using the PMStrategyAgile® tool

PMStrategy and PMStrategy Agile are cloud based products.

We are working on version 2.0 which will be released in 2015. This enhancement and upgrade will improve functionality and features of the existing Products. It would also add many other new features as well. Our team of developers,analysts, testers, etc is working on it currently.

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