Agile Meetup for Entrepreneurs & Professionals

Agile Meetup for Entrepreneurs & Professionals

When: Thursday, August 20, 2020 6:30 PM to 9:30 PM PDT
Where: Strategism Inc., 39355, California Street, Suite 300, Building code *5417,Fremont, CA
Last Date for On-line Registration : August 16th, 2020

Brief about Meetup

This is a Meetup for Agile Practitioners to share their knowledge and experience. This is open networking event designed for Agilists to meetup and share their ideas, success stories, challenges, knowledge, and experiences in Agile. It also gives an opportunity to learn about entrepreneurship and developing a business by interacting with FIEG members. This meetup invites thought leaders, experts who have run business successfully, Agilists who would like to learn and grow from interaction with the community.

Dr. Sam an Agile expert, who have implemented Agile & Scrum at several start up and FORTUNE 500 companies will have a session along with other speakers and discuss the case studies, research papers, articles, and current status on Agile with the group members.

Agile & Scrum Practitioners Forum ASPF- Sponsored by FIEG.


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