Top 10 Technology Trends 2021

Technology trend 2021

Top 10 Technology Trends 2021

Everything before the pandemic can now be called traditional or contemporary because we are into a totally revamped new world. Covid 19 brought our convenient sparkly lives to a halt. It has affected very much like what the Big Bang did to the Universe, woke up our oblivious and vacuous humanity to a mindful survival.

Strategism Inc ( brings you the Top 10 Technology trends that emerged out in the Post Covid era and are sure to keep rippling through the year 2021 and beyond.

  1. Faster Development of Tech: Technology had a breakthrough and rose like phoenix out of the pandemic plunder, it felt like all processes fast-tracked five years of development in five months. In fact, McKenzie quoted digitization displayed 3-4-year acceleration and digital interaction as much as 7 yrs accelerated growth. We could see no touch payment systems, no touch doors and delivery systems become part of social protocol. Drones and Robots manning the delivery system and supporting elderly, as the world sets in socially distant and locked in their homes.
  2. MNC’s cope better: This sudden shift which corporations had to face, did affect businesses worldwide. Many Start-ups and smaller firms gave in to the repercussions of the lockdown, only the fittest could survive. Most MNC’s could cope up with this shift viz. Amazon, Apple, Facebook, Microsoft; All of these big tech firms survived, due to their contingency plans and faster adaptation to the changed norms.New York Times suggests that these MNCs have started gaining now however they had their share of losses earlier due to the surge of competition. Businesses like Uber benefitted as private travel was a must for social distancing and Zoom came out as a strong contender in creating convenient Digital spaces as compared to MS Teams from Microsoft as work from home normalised.
  3. Increase of Human quotient in Tech Development: Technology evolved by mapping people’s expectations during the lockdown. Human value has increased, the words ‘Customer is King’ is not a sales slogan anymore.
  4. Internet Of Behaviour is what can be said as a collective term for the Technology behind Human Machine interactions and technology developed as per human convenience and preference.Gartner’s top Tech trends for 2021 mentioned Internet Of Behavior as the most important trend to watch in the post Covid world. IoB means IoT’s capability to capture customer’s use and behavior data to the minutest details to create a clear picture of user preferences. Be it smart spaces or work anywhere infrastructure, Online collaboration; companies modified themselves end to end to sustain their business. Microsoft’s online collaboration increased to a whopping 40% during Covid.
  5. Digitization has set it foot deeper and AI and ML have forayed into developing apps and programs for sustenance and work continuity for people without setting a foot outside their homes.
  6. Customer Data collecting and processing platforms are extensively developed due to soaring digitization as per Forbes. Adobe, Microsoft and SAP have made huge investments in this sector.
  7. Rising Cloud capabilities and customization: To manage all this data companies are amplifying their Cloud capabilities. We believe Hybrid Cloud is a rage in current times, as it manages local as well as scaling on demand. The demand for Hybrid Cloud would remain unequivocal choice post Covid. Cloud investments by new players like HPE and Dell as well as established players like Amazon, AWS, Microsoft, Oracle etc support our claims.
  8. Cybersecurity expansion: In the wake of increased Human Tech interactions, it’s imperative to control the misuse and loss of data. Cybersecurity advancements and awareness is also a hot trend for companies to look for. Measures like Multi-factor authentication are being deployed, awareness programs for employees are conducted. The videoconferencing provider Zoom was hassled to a level that the term ‘Zoom-bombing’ is coined and FBI has levied a heavy penalty for it.
  9. Rapid venture of Tech in Healthcare sector: Technology is venturing in all the segments of healthcare, smart wearables to measure and monitor biometrics and eventually health, no-contact bio sensory devices, digital twins and assistants– sound based or robots etc. Infinite possibilities have opened up due to technology in the precarious times of Covid19.
  10. Enhanced research to find or create another ‘liveable’ planet: Initiatives for environment protection, to make Earth liveable again as well as ambitious projects like Artemis from SpaceX to search and create life supporting conditions on other planets, are happening simultaneously. NASA recently announced rewards for university students to ideate technology to sustain Water Harvesting on the Moon and Mars.

These fast-paced advances in technology indicate how desperately humans look towards Technology for survival and at the same time the beauty of it all is that it is created by humans.


About the Author: Dr. Sam is a leading Agile Coach in the nation and globally with more than three decades of experience. He has written several articles, books, and published on Forbes, Scrum alliance, and several other places. He has presented in Agile Conferences all over the world. He has consulted with several FORTUNE 500 and companies on Agile, Leadership, building effective teams, mindfulness, and Democratization of large enterprise. He can be reached at for more information and consulting opportunities.

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