Consult Expert Dr. Sam For An Hour

Get Coached by Dr. Sam

7-8 hours of individual one on one interaction with best expert in the industry.
Get Coached, Mentored, Guided by the best in the industry, none other than

Dr. Sam Swapn​

CEO and Founder of Strategism
Harvard HBR Advisory Council Member
Forbes Technology Council Member Inc 5000 Awardee
Board Advisor to several companies all over USA and the world
More than 20 certifications in AI, Cloud, Security, Project Management,Agile
Three decades of experience in the industry
Company has 100 years of experience in total.
  1. Resume, Interview, latest certifications in AI, Devops, Cloud, Security, Project Management, Agile,etc
  2. Assessment of your background, social media profile, preferences, market fit. Recommendations on social media on meeting criteria.
  3. Marketing your profile to our clients by our team of marketing folks with 10-15 years of experience.
  4. Tapping into Dr. Sam’s Strategism network of 20,000 contacts, relationships in the business.
  5. Disclaimer – Strategism does not guarantee any jobs to any individual, however it is very likely you may end up getting a good job.
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