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In a volatile marketplace, in order to be successful, we have to emrace a Lean-Agile approach. The SAFe framework is fast, becoming the best way to do that, As a SAFe Agilist, you can help empower your organization.

The two-day Leading SAFe training program will provide you with the knowledge required to successfully scale Agile principals across the organization by utilizing Lean thinking practices and Product Development Flow techniques.


  • To apply Lean thinking techniques at the team, program and portfolio levels.
  • How to lead an enterprise Agile transformation
  • To apply Lean, Agile, and Product Development Flow principles to improve productivity, employee engagement, time to market and quality.
  • How to infuse Agile into your entire organization- not just your IT team.
  • How to create Agile Release Trains that align the efforts of Agile and non- Agile teams to create greater stakeholder value. How to commit to objectives instead of set-in -stone plan
  • How to improve the communication and focus of your organization’s Agile implementation.
  • To encourage collaboration across all the layers of your organization to enable teams to deliver complex cross functional features in 10-12 weeks increment.
  • Effectively integrate architecture and other shared services into an Agile delivery process.

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Soniya Ahuja


Vishnu Singh

Here are a couple of our trainers. All our instructors are SAFe SPC AND/OR SPCTs. 


Soniya Ahuja is a Product Manager, Program Manager, and an Agile Coach. Along with these, she is a Startup Evangelist.

Soniya comprehends problems, envisions solutions, manages and mitigates risks, adopts technology to deliver value. She drives product delivery by amalgamating user solutions, business value, strategic vision, sensible user experience innovation, lean budget, and excellent quality metrics. Furthermore, she makes program execution transparent by making risks, dependencies, priorities and timelines visible to all teams and stakeholders.

She is a champion in inclusive overarching vision for product roadmap by fostering an agile ambience focusing on open communication, transparency and positive criticism  between business, IT, and other stakeholders.

She is a Certified SAFe® 4 Program Consultant, Certified Scrum Master, and an Oracle Certified Associate.


Linkedin Profile: https://www.linkedin.com/in/soniyaahuja/




Vishnu Singh obtained his Masters degree in Aerospace Engineering at Alabama University. He taught Advanced Project Management / Project Management at Stanford University. Vishnu is the VP Program Manager Mobile Apps at US Bank.

He is a leader with technical expertise, business vision, collaborative leadership, excelling in team work, capable of driving cross- functional, worldwide teams towards a goal on time. Vishnu is an articulate and effective communicator, published author. He has a strong aptitude for troubleshooting and solving complex problems along with being an effective coach and mentor.

He has a good understanding of Finance, Operations and Business along with Technical experience.


Linkedin Profile: https://www.linkedin.com/in/singhvishnu/