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Course Description

PMP (Project Management Professional) certification is an industry recognized qualification for project managers. PMP validates the experience, education, skill and capability required to lead and direct projects. PMP is the most sought after certification administered by Project Management Institute (PMI), USA.

Benefits of PMP Certification Training and PMP Credentials

  • Reduced cost to deliver projects.
  • Lower risk of schedule delays.
  • Early identification of problems and risk mitigation.
  • Structured approach to Project Management.
  • Improved resource productivity and satisfaction.
  • Project success, which builds business success.
  • Established measures of success.
  • Enables customer focus and satisfaction.
  • Optimizes use of resources.
  • Establishes quality principles.
  • Converts strategic plans into practice.
  • Prevention of project crisis.
  • Learning Objective
    Exam and certification
    Training Format


    1. Project Integration Management
    2. Project Scope Management
    3. Project Schedule Management
    4. Project Cost Management
    5. Project Quality Management
    6. Project Resources Management
    7. Project Communication Management
    8. Project Risk Management
    9. Project Procurement Management
    10. Project Stakeholder Management

    Upcoming Batches – Weekend

    Upcoming Batches – Weekdays


    How do I pass the PMP Certification Exam?
    How much time is allowed for exam?
    Is PMP certificate applicable worldwide?
    Is Project Management experience required to get the training?
    Will the sessions be live or pre-recorded?
    What if I miss a class?
    Do I have to pay before starting the classes?
    Where am I supposed to submit the fee?
    Will the company refund the training fee if the attendee fails in the exam in the first attempt?
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