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Certified SAFe® POPM Course Overview

In perspective on Lean and Agile principles, the Scaled Agile Framework (SAFe) is the best theory to deal with undertaking wide issues on structure, blend, financing, organization and occupation. To ensure coordination achievement at the endeavour scale, Agile Pioneers, Product Owners and Product Managers need to totally grasp their employments, commitments and certification for most outrageous ROI and Quantifiable improvements. Our two days SAFe 4 Product Owner/ Product Manager certification program is relied upon to familiarise deft authorities on benchmarks of SAFe, Lean-Thinking Instruments, facilitate progressions practices at scale, and a layout of the scaled Agile framework.

Learning Objectives
Exam and certification
Training Format


  1. Identify the real parts of the Scaled Agile Framework
  2. Connect the Scaled Agile Framework to centre Lean-Agile standards and qualities
  3. Identify key jobs and obligations inside a SAFe execution
  4. Contribute to Portfolio content utilizing legends and the Portfolio Kanban
  5. Apply Value Stream techniques to characterize and oversee arrangement esteem
  6. Engage in Product Manager Strategies
  7. Operate as a SAFe Product Owner
  8. Develop a partner commitment plan
  9. Build and develop networks of training

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