The training is well knitted with the vital needs for perfect sales force administration career. With this training, all aspirants are well prepared to pass the sales force administrator examination with minimal fuss. It provides the platform for the aspirants to learn and embolden your abilities in implementation, configuration, management, and sales of sales force programs and apps. The sales force is the leading customer relationship management (CRM) tool and many customized apps, services, and automated customer relations services are done through it.

This training is tailored for you if you wish to build a career in sales force system administration, sales operations, management of information technology and product management.

The Sales force Administrative certification training an essential course for equipping aspirants with the necessary sales forces administration techniques. The training is targeted towards preparing them for the certification examination. This course not only prepares you for the examination, but it also prepares you to pass at the first sitting.  It is pertinent for everyone who wishes to become a Sales force administrator to undertake this training; This training with boost trainee’s abilities in administration and configuration of sales, service clouds and for an in-depth understanding of the marketing environment.

The course is practically based; you will understand the workability, functionality and the operations of the sales force. This training is surely a career booster. It will boost your value in the market as well as your earning. If you are certified in Sales force administration, then you are sure to outwit your non-certified colleagues in terms of earning as you will earn between 1.2 to 1.8 times more than them.


The course curriculum is broken down into 12 lessons and consist of sub topics and practices for the complete course. And include;

Lesson 1: Cloud Computing Concepts

Lesson 2: CRM Concepts

Lesson 3: Overview

Lesson 4: Editions and Pricing

Lesson 5: Partners of

Lesson 6: Environmens in Salesforce

Lesson 7: – Build Apps

Lesson 8: Apex – Cloud Computing Language

Lesson 9: Integration

Lesson 10: Visualforce – Custom user interfaces

Lesson 11: Other Features

Lesson 12: Admin Concepts

"Management is, above all, a practice where art, science, and craft meet." ~ Henry Mintzberg


Who should I contact to provide me with more information about this training program?

Our website is embedded with virtual customer service agents. They will offer you 24/7 customer care service by live chat. Alternatively, all pages of this website is furnished with the contact-us. Send us a message by filling the form.

What should I do to get enrolled in the training?

Enrollment can be done for this program on our website. There are a handful of payment channels available, including Visa or Debit card, Mastercard, American Express, PayPal, and Diner’s club. Receipts are processed online immediately after your payment.

Who is the course lecturer and what are the yardsticks for their selection?

We employ highly qualified professionals who have amassed at least 10 to 12 years of teaching experience in the relevant sector. Our interview and selection processes are tedious and only the best applicants are employed.

What do you offer in your 24/7 support?

We provide round-the-clock support and assistance. You can call, chat, and mail us at any time of the day. Our customer care team i dedicated to providing answers and solutions to your queries. You will have lifetime liberty to interact with other professionals in the community forum.

Meaning of Global teaching assistance?

We have a plethora of teaching assistants who are always ready to assist you in your journey to success as you wish to pass the exam at the first sitting. Their pattern of teaching is channeled towards inculcating the right knowledge for a path to success. Their operation is proactive in nature, and they furnish you with immense experience needed. They offer extrapolated assistance during class sessions, monitoring of projects, and on-the-job assistance.

What happens if I miss a class?

The class sessions are always recorded. You have the chance to listen to them whenever you are available

What if I have questions for the lecturer?

Questions from other students are recorded. You have the chance to listen and learn from the answers

How can I channel my question to the lecturer?

In cases where you wish to ask a question, you can contact the lecturers directly via their social media channel.

What happens if I don't pass the exam?

If you failed to pass on the first attempt, then you have the chance to rewrite at an extra cost.

What's the cost of rewriting?

You will be allowed to retake the exam after payment of $100

Is there a chance to relate with my colleagues?

Yes. You will be allowed access to the community forum where you can chat, share ideas and discuss with your colleagues.

How long does each class session last?

The duration of a new class session is 8 hours

Do I have to pay before starting the classes?

Yes. Payment is done at the point of registration. After payment, you will be granted access to the dashboard

Do I have another chance to write the exam after failing to pass in the first attempt?


How many times can I write if I keep on failing?

As many times as possible so long as you fail to attain the minimum pass mark

Trainers and Instructors

All our Salesforce Trainers have a lot of experience and they’re certified!

Exam and certification

Are you nurturing the desire to bag a certification in Salesforce administration? Do wish to become an authority or a colossus in sales force admin?

I guess it’s affirmative. You can actualize this desire by passing the Salesforce administrator Exam (ADM 201). It is actually the best to pass the exam in the first attempt. The steps are direct and simple. Firstly, you should complete your training course by attending all the class sessions.

The cost of registration is $200 and you would be asked to pay at the point of registration on the Salesforce website.   After registration, you will then proceed to pass the exams in order to become certified in Salesforce administration.

There are no restrictions for enrollment in this course. Anyone can apply, but pre-knowledge of sales force cloud operations, sales force management, navigation, security, and data analysis are an immense added advantage.

The examination is arranged in a closed-book format and it lasts for one and a half hours (90 minutes). It has 60 multiple-choice questions and you can attain a pass mark by scoring at least 65%. If you cannot pass the exam on the first attempt, then you can retake the exam at a cost of $100.

Aspirants must complete 85% of the course, score at least 60% in the simulation test, and complete one project in order to unlock their certificate.

Training Format

The classes are held via the internet, the duration or each class is 12 hours. The e-learning is interwoven with the nitty-gritty of sales force administration and in alignment with the official Salesforce administration guidelines.

You should expect consistent and in-depth classes featuring activities that would instigate, inculcate and sustain learning. The course features 4 projects, 16 quizzes, 4 simulation tests, and 20 case studies and at the end, your efforts will be crowned with a certification which would add value to you.

Training is available for both individuals and for business firms. The individual training is done at your own pace and round-the-clock assistance is offered to all trainees. Aspirants are offered lifetime access to top e-learning facilities at a very fast pace. The training is manned by highly experienced sales force industry experts.

Business firms, companies can book training for their staff to be well blended with the Enterprise-Grade Learning Management System (LMS). This is done in a very flexible cost, and it features customized dashboards for the teams and individuals.

Take your career next level with Salesforce Administrator Certification Course