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Salesforce Certification Course Overview

The training is well knitted with the vital needs for a perfect Salesforce administration career. With this training, all aspirants are well prepared to pass the Salesforce administrator examination with minimal fuss. It provides the platform for the aspirants to learn and embolden your abilities in implementation, configuration, management, and sales of sales force programs and apps. The sales force is the leading customer relationship management (CRM) tool and many customized apps, services, and automated customer relations services are done through it.

This training is tailored for you if you wish to build a career in sales force system administration, sales operations, management of information technology and product management.

The Salesforce Administrative certification training is an essential course for equipping aspirants with the necessary sales force administration techniques. The training is targeted towards preparing them for the certification examination. This course not only prepares you for the examination, but it also prepares you to pass at the first sitting. It is pertinent for everyone who wishes to become a Salesforce administrator to undertake this training; This training with boost trainee’s abilities in administration and configuration of sales, service clouds and for an in-depth understanding of the marketing environment.

The course is practically based; you will understand the workability, functionality and the operations of the sales force. This training is surely a career booster. It will boost your value in the market as well as your earning. If you are certified in Salesforce administration, then you are sure to outwit your non-certified colleagues in terms of earning as you will earn between 1.2 to 1.8 times more than them.

Exam and certification
Training Format


The course curriculum is broken down into 12 lessons and consist of sub topics and practices for the complete course and includes

  1. Cloud Computing Concepts
  2. CRM Concepts
  3. Overview
  4. Editions and Pricing
  5. Partners of
  6. Environment in Salesforce
  7. – Build Apps
  8. Apex – Cloud Computing Language
  9. Integration
  10. Visualforce – Custom user interfaces
  11. Other Features
  12. Admin Concepts

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