Web Development Training

Web Development Course Overview

  • Create full-stack web applications using cutting-edge technologies
  • Learn React Hooks, a modern component based frontend framework with NPM, HTML, CSS, WebPack.
  • Learn RestAPI, Java, Springboot, MongoDB, MySQL and JWT authentication
Learning Objectives
Exams and Certification
Training Format


  1. Backend (server)
  2. RestAPI fundamentals
  3. Creating scalable RestAPI server
  4. Overview of No-SQL databases
  5. MongoDB overview
  6. Creating backend server with springboot framework
  7. Testing with Postman
  8. Frontend(client)
  9. JavaScript fundamentals
  10. React basics
  11. Building Components
  12. JSX
  13. Higher Order Components
  14. React Fragments
  15. Adding Events
  16. Redux Fundamentals
  17. Building a data store
  18. Concept of middleware
  19. redux-thunk middleware
  20. redux-saga
  21. comprehensive data layer
  22. Building Reusable React Component Library
  23. Creating your own NPM package
  24. Importing your lib to your existing project
  25. Managing css
  26. Routing in React
  27. Fundamental of routing
  28. passing routing parameters
  29. setting up default route
  30. SubRouting
  31. Comprehensive project
  32. Build requirements for the social media project
  33. Understanding requirement
  34. Build routing for the project
  35. Write a test plan
  36. Create environment variables
  37. Setup deployment Plan
  38. Upload project to github


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