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Change Is Hard: With Agile Dinosaurs Can Try And Dance

When Fortune 500 companies are not able to change, they could become vulnerable. Of the 500 companies from Fortune’s 1955 list,ย only 60 made the list in 2016. Why does this happen, and how can you prevent it from happening in your company? It’s all about applying the techniques, systems, and frameworks that can help you…

Solving The Leadership Puzzle: Enhancing Agile Adoption

Leadership sometimes wants to get things done with unrealistic speed — they’re pressured to make things happen quickly. They have deadlines from their board of directors, the stock market, competition, and customers. As a result, leadership sometimes struggles with agile software development because in agile they have to shift the focus from serving the shareholder…

Does Scrum Live Up To Its Hype?

  In this digital world, disruptions happen very fast. Today you can create a taxi service without owning a single taxi or a driver (see Uber, valued atย $70 billion) or create a hotel business using the homes of ordinary people (see Airbnb, valued atย $31 billion). All of this happened in less than five years from…

Jun 6, 2019


Dr. Sam’s Radio Show- Radio Zindagi 1170- Thursday 300-330 PM.

Why this Show: The “TechChai With Dr. Sam ” Show is to help the community. The show is focussed on Technology, social, immigration, jobs, growth, career, and living in The USA- related issues faced by the community- Challenges and Solutions are discussed. The latest in Technology trends are discussed to benefit the community. The show is conducted so that the community can find answers to pressing problems. It is a very popular show being held for a long time and restarted again with new fervor. Close to half a Million Indians live in the Silicon Valley, including the floating population of folks that travel frequently between USA and India. We get lots of calls during the show when people want to talk to Dr. Sam and ask questions or share their concerns, thoughts, etc.


What is the Show About: The Show focuses on helping community members from Non- IT to IT- BA/QA roles. Getting on the Business Side of IT from Developer and Tester roles into- PMP, Agile Scrum Master, SAFe, DevOps. Also, for folks excited about Technology space – Being up to date on cutting edge of Technology will help by learning- AWS, SFDC, AI, ML, BlockChain, Robotics, UI, Java, Python, Data Science.


Who can benefit from the Show: Anyone who is a starter and wants to get into IT/Software/Engineering roles. Anyone who wants to become Project Manager- Agilist. Anyone who has a passion for IT/Technology and wants to learn and talk about the latest technologies changing lives now or in the future.


When and Where the Show Happens: The Show happens at Radio Station of 1170 AM in Fremont from 300-330 PM each Thursday.


Who Can Participate: We always welcome questions, queries, requests on the Show. We are always looking for Tech-Oriented Folks who want to share their knowledge on how to get deeper into IT/Software. If you are an expert on any above area, or a senior executive- C level person with a leading FORTUNE 500 company- we would love to have you on our show.


How the show is conducted: The best and the most popular RJ of the Radio Station hosts the show each time, and ask questions from Dr. Sam on the Topic of the Day that we select for each show. People send their questions in advance as fast as possible. We give wide publicity to the show. People also call on the show, we welcome lots of calls, and try to answer all calls, sometimes it gets overwhelming but we try to include everyone. We also have guests on the show, who talk about the latest Technology or ย ย issues- we have had Sabeer Bhatia ( who sold his company Hotmail to Bill Gates of Microsoft), Ro Khanna ( Congressman from our district), Mayor of Fremont and other counties, several known CEO and C level folks, Start-Up CEOs who are shaping new companies etc. Dr. Sam, RJ, and the Guest speaker engage in discussions and answer questions of the listeners.

For More Questions please call: Strategism 1-877-648-0004 or send email You can contact Dr. Sam directly on 415-377-7536 or send email to him on You can also approach Radio Zindagi at their numbers and email them.

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