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4 weekend program (Sat & Sun from 9AM to 1PM PST)

Introduction To Machine Learning Certification

The world is gradually moving away from manual procedures that require human manpower to automated procedures that are characterized by robotics and different software that are related to machine learning. One of the current and popular software that is used for the purpose of automation is the Selenium WebDriver.

The Selenium WebDriver tool is employed in the automaton in testing web applications to ensure that they work perfectly as expected. This WebDriver tool supports different programming languages including, Python, PHP, JAVA, etc., that are employed in complex web writings. It also supports many browsers, including Firefox, Chrome, IE, and Safari. Selenium Web driver is an independent web driving tool that is also used for different OS such as Linux, Apple and Microsoft Windows.

The Selenium Certification Course is reliable for existing and prospective Test Managers, Test Engineers, Test Lead, Test Analyst, QA Engineers, Software Developers and Engineers who want to learn Automation Testing.

ML Certification Overview

Machine learning certification course is a fundamental course for Deep Learning/AI, and set to unlock data mining/big data and IoT. Comprehensive studies from computer programming, system software integration, and application software design to AI algorithms will enhance student competence in the job market, and broaden their dynamic capability in the career development, not only in Hi-tech industries, but also in other areas.
The course will last for a minimum of five weekends. During this period, every session will last for 4 hours between 9:30 AM and 1:30 PM and there will be two sessions for each weekend, that is, one on Saturday and another on Sunday.
Upon completion of all the online classes, practical exhibitions and offline mentorship, you’ll be examined and this examination will cut across everything that you have been taught and exposed to.

The examination will be conducted online within a stipulated time and your results will be sent to your email within 48 hours of its completion.

Once you have passed the exams, you’ll be awarded a certificate that will attest to your new skills. The certificate will remain valid for a lifetime and will showcase you as a Machine Learning Engineer or expert and a Data Analyst.
A basic understanding of mathematical statistics and Python application is enough.


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Each session on the timetable will be live in order to allow you to ask questions and make contributions where necessary.
Each session will be recorded and sent to your email. However, when you miss a class, you won’t have the opportunity to ask questions or make contributions during the class but you can listen to the questions your colleagues have during the live session.
Yes. Payment is done at the point of registration.
After enrolling for the course on our website, you can make an online payment using any one of the following options:

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Once payment is received, you will automatically receive a payment receipt and access information via email.
No, it is the attendee’s responsibility if he fails in the test. We offer no refund.

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