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Step into the world of automation and robotics with our comprehensive Selenium Certification Course. Harness the potential of Selenium WebDriver, a pivotal tool for seamless web application testing across diverse programming languages and browsers. Ideal for Test Managers, Engineers, and Developers seeking to excel in the realm of Automation Testing.

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July 6, 20249AM – 1PM PST
July 7, 20249AM – 1PM PST
July 13, 20249AM – 1PM PST
July 14, 20249AM – 1PM PST
July 20, 20249AM – 1PM PST
July 21, 20249AM – 1PM PST
August 3, 20249AM – 1PM PST
August 4, 20249AM – 1PM PST
August 10, 20249AM – 1PM PST
August 11, 20249AM – 1PM PST
August 17, 20249AM – 1PM PST
August 18, 20249AM – 1PM PST
Sep 7, 20249AM – 1PM PST
Sep 8, 20249AM – 1PM PST
Sep 14, 20249AM – 1PM PST
Sep 15, 20249AM – 1PM PST
Sep 21, 20249AM – 1PM PST
Sep 22, 20249AM – 1PM PST
October 5, 20249AM – 1PM PST
October 6, 20249AM – 1PM PST
October 12, 20249AM – 1PM PST
October 13, 20249AM – 1PM PST
October 19, 20249AM – 1PM PST
October 20, 20249AM – 1PM PST
Nov 2, 20249AM – 1PM PST
Nov 3, 20249AM – 1PM PST
Nov 9, 20249AM – 1PM PST
Nov 10, 20249AM – 1PM PST
Nov 16, 20249AM – 1PM PST
Nov 17, 20249AM – 1PM PST
Dec 7, 20249AM – 1PM PST
Dec 8, 20249AM – 1PM PST
Dec 14, 20249AM – 1PM PST
Dec 15, 20249AM – 1PM PST
Dec 21, 20249AM – 1PM PST
Dec 22, 20249AM – 1PM PST

Introduction To Quality Assurance Certification

The world is gradually moving away from manual procedures that require human manpower to automated procedures that are characterized by robotics and different software that are related to machine learning. One of the current and popular software that is used for the purpose of automation is the Selenium WebDriver.

The Selenium WebDriver tool is employed in the automaton in testing web applications to ensure that they work perfectly as expected. This WebDriver tool supports different programming languages including, Python, PHP, JAVA, etc., that are employed in complex web writings. It also supports many browsers, including Firefox, Chrome, IE, and Safari. Selenium Web driver is an independent web driving tool that is also used for different OS such as Linux, Apple and Microsoft Windows.

The Selenium Certification Course is reliable for existing and prospective Test Managers, Test Engineers, Test Lead, Test Analyst, QA Engineers, Software Developers and Engineers who want to learn Automation Testing.

QA Certification Overview

The main objective of the course is to understand the sophisticated techniques of the Selenium WebDriver tool and how it is used practically to automate the web applications. This can be done through a basic understanding of Java concepts and locating techniques and through test creation using different applications such as Maven, Auto IT, Sikuli etc. This enables the learners to use the grid system for parallel automaton, to understand the necessary WebDriver commands and also assists them to deal with diverse possible case scenarios.

The Selenium certification course is formulated by using in-depth resources to make developers and traditional testers expert in automating web applications. The course is carefully designed with examples and models to help the students understand the fundamental principles of web applications and how to integrate the automation of these applications into the DevOps of an organization.
The course will last for a minimum of four weeks. During this period, every session will last for 3:30 hours between 6:30 PM to 10:00 PM and there will be three sessions for each weekday, that is, on Monday, Wednesday and Thursday. After the classes, there will be in-depth case study sessions that will help you to understand the theories and retain their application procedures.
After the completion of all the online classes, practical exhibitions and offline mentorship, the learner will appear for an examination that will cut across everything that he/she has been taught and exposed to.

An online examination based on multiple-choice questions will be conducted within a stipulated time. The results will be sent through the email to the learner within 48 hours of the exam.

Once you have passed the exams, you’ll be awarded a certificate that will attest as your new skills. The certificate will remain valid for a lifetime and will showcase the learner as a WebDriver expert, precisely a Selenium Test Engineer.
Good to have basic knowledge of web applications and basic programming concepts. However, the course covers the understanding of the basic concepts.


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Frequently Asked Questions

Each session on the timetable will be live in order to allow you to ask questions and make contributions where necessary.
Each session will be recorded and sent to your email. However, when you miss a class, you won’t have the opportunity to ask questions or make contributions during the class but you can listen to the questions your colleagues have during the live session.
The course trainers are experts in the manual and automation testing of web applications with significant specialization in the Selenium WebDriver framework and Java. These experts have been selected from a pool of many, based on the criteria of ability to not only understand the key concepts but also impart it on others and transform them into better experts. The trainers are certified by American Software Testing Qualifications Board (ASTQB) and Oracle certified java programming professionals.
Two weeks. Exactly 14 days after.
The certificate for this course lasts for a lifetime and remains valid throughout the same period.
Our associate tertiary institutions authorize the certificates directly.
Every student can only resit once in the exam. If you’re still not able to pass in your first attempt, you’ll have to undertake a four-weekend revision program to prepare you for the second exam. If you’re still unable to pass your exam, you’ll be enrolled with the next set of students to begin the course all over again.

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