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Unlock the Power of Python with Strategism! Grasp the essence of versatile coding, explore dynamic applications, and lead the tech revolution. Dive into our immersive course and emerge as a certified Python expert, ready to conquer today’s challenges.

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Live Instructor – Online Python Programming Masterclass Certification Schedule

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4 weekend program (Sat - Sun from 9 am to 1 pm PST)

Python Course Overview

Develop skills and understanding of python to confidently apply for python programming jobs. Set yourself up to learn machine learning and data science.
  • Learn fundamentals
  • Build real world web application
  • Periodic quizzes and assignments
  • Cornerstone project at end of class
  • Have a computer with Internet.
  • Basic understanding of math and logic.
  • NO programming experience required.


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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Python is simple and easy to learn, yet very powerful language. Python is used almost everywhere – in cloud, big data, CICD, automation, machine learning and data science.
  • This course is designed to cover fundamentals and some advanced concepts of python including machine learning and data science. This class will help you prepare to confidently apply for python programming jobs.
Plenty of sample interview questions and answers will be covered.
You can always send us an email with your queries. Anyone can join our social media and youtube channels, where we post plenty of useful videos and materials.
There will be few make up sessions during the course. You can always attend those make up sessions.
The best way to learn is by building things. Class assignments and projects will help you with fundamentals and become a better developer. You will get a certificate of completion even if you don’t finish the project, we highly encourage participants to complete the project to gain maximum benefit.

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