Strategism Thought Leadership

Strategism Thought Leadership

Strategism provides thought leadership in Project Management and Technology related areas unlike any other training company in the space. Our CEO Dr. Sam is a well known thought leader in this area and consults several Fortune 500 and start up companies as a keynote speaker,coaching corporate teams, and building the right strategy for client companies in adopting new technology into their environment.
We use our own books, for example PMP etc, for a lot of our courses and lead the knowledge space. Our trainers are not ordinary folks but very well recognized and respected Industry leaders, unlike any other leading training company in the space.
We have our own content design and exam preparatory questions, for example in PMP, are also designed internally by us, rather than depending on books from other leading authors. Most well known large training companies borrow resources such as books, questions,etc from other authors and serve as a hub rather than actually having intellectual expertise in that area.

Best PMP Exam Prep Guide 2023-2024

By Sam Swapn Sinha

Dive into Sam Swapn Sinha’s comprehensive guide, “Best PMP Exam Prep Guide 2023-2024: Get PMP Certified in 2 weeks – study 2 hours a day before-after work.” This book offers a strategic and efficient path to PMP certification, making it possible in just two weeks with only two hours of study per day.

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