What to Know and How to Start- The Scaled Agile Framework?

What to Know and How to Start- The Scaled Agile Framework?

What is SAFe?

SAFe (Short for Scaled Agile Framework) is a foundational platform that allows Agile to be scalable for enterprise software and systems. As Scrum does to Agile teams, it offers the same benefit to companies. Aligning development to further business objectives is the primary goal for SAFe.

To create a platform for meeting the software development requirements within large enterprise programs, SAFe combines learnings from proven agile methodologies.SAFe offers a flexible, evolving framework like SAFe Scrum Master Certification Online, which meets the incremental milestones to complete a larger project. Its structured and systematic approach drives the popularity of SAFe to project alignment and completion.

Benefits of the Scaled Agile Framework

Benefits of using SAFe as a solution for your enterprise include:

  • Flexibility
  • Scaling with the program needs with its overall ability.
  • Its regimented structure
  • Clear definitions and boundaries
  • Multiple configurations
  • Getting all teams in alignment on a single project

There is a wealth of educational resources that support the adoption and use of SAFe, including certifications and tools.

Who is SAFe for?

SAFe may well be right of Agile for your business if you need to scale your development platform for large-scale enterprise solutions. But, there is much more to be considered. The cultural side of a movement to SAFe will also have to be carefully managed, with any significant change in the way you work. You’ll need to keep the communications channels open—both ways and find the champions, gain significant executive support.

By using SAFe, you will be able to improve the quality of your delivery to your end-users.

The SAFe framework provides a familiar system for developers who are used to Scrum and sprints, based on the principles of Agile, with the same level of reliability for delivering consistent results.

Thus, it becomes an excellent choice for developers for any organization that needs to restructure its development and processes framework.

Here we have shared some indications that tell whether you are ready for enterprise adoption of SAFe:

  • You have used agile successfully at the team level.
  • Multiple teams of yours are running their agile adaptations but without consistency.
  • You lack the structure that SAFe defines management roles but want to use agile across the organization.
  • You have not achieved consistency and alignment even after implementing an agile approach.
  • The pain point for the organization is product development lead times.

Getting started with SAFe

For adopting SAFe in an organization, it is essential identifying a value stream that produces consistent results across the board. It would be best if you considered the following questions for determining a value stream:

  • The idea is supported by whom?
  • Who are all executives ready for a change?
  • What is the physical location of potential team members?
  • What is the distribution of the team members?

SAFe certification and training

In today’s competitive employment market, SAFe certification is a valuable commodity. Anyone wanting to learn more and demonstrate or their knowledge can find several certifications available for SAFe. Benefits of getting certified include:

  • Demonstrating your skills and experience
  • Standing out among the crowd
  • Increasing your value and commanding a higher pay
  • Keeping your knowledge up to date

The available certifications/training listed below cover all levels of experience:

  • SAFe Agilist (SA)
  • SAFe Practitioner
  • SAFe Scrum Master Training Online
  • SAFe Product Owner Training Online
  • SAFe Program Consultant

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